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ICC Courseware - Browser Tune-Up - Pop-Up Windows

Pop-Up Settings

Many users prefer to surf the World Wide Web without having to worry about annoying pop-up windows randomly appearing. As a result these users may change their settings, or load specialist software that prevents pop-up windows from appearing automatically. This is known as utilizing a pop-up killer, or a pop-up blocker.

Much of ICC Courseware's functionality hinges on the use of pop-up windows though and therefore it is not possible to use the platform when pop-up windows have been disabled.

Users may change their settings when not on ICC Courseware but it is strongly advised that before entering ICC Courseware that you re-enable the browsers ability to open pop-up windows.

Should the message on the right hand side inform you that currently have an active pop-up killer, please follow this link for a guide on how to re-enable pop-up windows on your computer.

N.B. The popular 'Google' toolbar often acts as a pop-up killer and may have to be temporarily disabled when using ICC Courseware.