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ICC Web-Based Training Support

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ICC Contact

All Web Based Training inquiries will be addressed within the same business day between 8:30 - 4:30PM ET.

ICC System Requirements
Launch the System Checker to ensure that your system functions properly with the ICC Web-Based Training application.

ICC Web-Based Training requires Adobe Flash Player 8 to run properly.
Please download it here.

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Q. Why do I get kicked out of the system in the middle of my login session?
A . For your protection and to ensure that no one else uses your account, the system will end your session if:

  1. There is inactivity on the browser for
    30 minutes or more
  2. You click on the logout* link
  3. You close the browser
*Note: For optimal security, be sure to logout of your account when finished using the ICC Courseware system.

Q. I have Internet Explorer 7 and the course chapters' window don't display properly. Why can't I see the bottom portion of the window?
A . On your Internet Explorer browser, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Tools->Internet Options->Security tab
  2. Click Internet, then Custom Level
  3. Scroll down to Miscellaneous
  4. Scroll down to "Allow websites to open windows without address or status bars" and enable it
  5. Click OK
Note: You can alternatively use the next and back buttons next to the Index header on the course to navigate the course. Click here to see a screenshot

Q.. What is Ammendment 6?
A. For information on Ammendment 6, click here.

Q. Portions of the course text seem to be missing, or, the course window is greyed out, or, the course does not display properly.
A . You need to upgrade your Flash player to version 8 or higher. Please click here .

Q. When I enter the course account screen, all the chapters are greyed out except the first 2?
A . ICC Courseware is designed to take you through each step in the training process and ensure you understand each section fully before moving on. As you complete each training step, subsequent steps are opened.

Q. How can I print my report and certificate?
A . ICC Courseware offers several methods of printing from within your account. PDF, Flashpaper or standard browser printing are available with a single click.

Q. What special software and settings do I need to have to run ICC Courseware?
A . ICC Course needs only the Adobe Flash Player 8 to run on your computer through your internet browser. The players comes on most newer machines by default, though you may need to upgrade to version 8. To upgrade, or download the full player, Please click here .

Additional Services

Web-Based MSDS Management Regulations require your MSDS to be up-to-date and in very strict formats. This can become a real headache when you need to manage your MSDS and guarantee they are compliant. You can those problems with a time and money-saving solution offered by ICC. This solution is called CADS, our Web-Based MSDS Management.
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